Monday, April 09, 2007

What's up with the weather?

It doesn't get any crazier than snow in Texas in April! Last week we were swimming and then Saturday it actually snowed! Out in the hill country our parents got three inches of it even.

Lyvi's smile cracks me up here -- it was like a lighbulb went on her head and she finally realized she is supposed to smile when I'm trying to take a photo.

Snowflakes! (okay, big time for Texas)

Lyvi is pointing for Jon to take her back inside so she can play with the dyed chicks some more.

I can't even explain these...


Anonymous Barbara said...

What fun your family has together!!!

Virginia weather is doing the same things - we had snow on Saturday, too, and all over the blooms!

What's up with the rainbow chicks????

Hugs - Barbara :D

6:17 AM  
Blogger henna's hearsay said...

A farm supply company colors them every year for Easter fun. I did have to sit there the entire time and tell Lindsay we couldn't buy them (But they are only $1, Mommy!)

7:57 AM  

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