Tuesday, April 17, 2007


I love getting to volunteer in Lindsay's Kindergarten class. This week I was able to witness the grand "Flight of the Butterflies". Honestly the kids are more fun to watch and listen to, but the butterflies were a nice backdrop. I'd try to mention what butterfly it is, but I know her teacher would go ballistic if I got it wrong. (Thanks, Tina! Painted Lady -- I love teachers!) I lost count how many times she had to correct the kids about the kind of butterfly and that it formed a chrysalis not a cocoon.

The Excitement Builds

Any Minute Now

Lazy Butterflies -- okay, so they weren't quite ready for lift off, but the kiddos still deemed the outing a success.


Anonymous Barbara said...

Oh Lela,

Wasn't it magic?? When our sons were little boys, their daycare (run by their grandmother) had a butterfly habitat like this one and I got to share Freedom day - after may previous daily reports on catepillar to chrysilis, to butterfly. Awesome!!

Cheers! Barbara :D

10:05 AM  

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