Saturday, November 04, 2006


She takes a lot of baths in the sink, but the kids also still love taking baths together in the evening -- all four kids. Fortunately she loves her baths. Unfortunately she needs them all! I didn't crop this pic because I love the mound of clothes on the couch -- laundry is really overwhelming and there are always clothes that need to be put away.

Back to fun bath pics!


Anonymous Barbara said...

Oh! How cute Lyvi is!!!! She's clearly learned to go with the flow and play along with whatever is happening! Roar!

In the group picture, I suppose the Rock Star is holding Lyvi, but what color is Tinkerbelle wearing and which Cowboy is yours? I can imagine the chaos!

How are things going day to day?

Hugs and blessings - Barbara :D

10:45 AM  
Anonymous Barbara said...

Oops! Posted too far down - didn't see all the new posts. Please move that post or read it in conjunction with the Halloween pics!

Where is that red-faced smilie??

Barbara :D

10:48 AM  

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