Thursday, September 07, 2006

They are showering me with food ~ without me!!

* Some of Lela's friends haven taken pity on her family and are ensuring that the rest of the Wallis' will be fed upon their return from China! What great friends Lela has * Although I might be biased * posted by Kristen!! :)

The referral is here! ~ Lela and Jason are adding 1 more...
with the long awaited adoption of Baby #4!

They're traveling to China for 15 days it seems
to hug the little girl ~ they've only seen in their dreams

Already Xin Shi has toys, diapers and dresses galore,
but Lela is still trying to figure out how she'll feed all four!!

We have thought of a way to help her prepare
by having friends cook meals for them later to share.

Please join us at Studio Kitchen to help assemble the dishes
That they can enjoy when they return ~ with all of our best wishes!

To make it an official "shower" we'll have wine, snacks and cake.
But the bonus of course is ~ we don't actually have to bake!!


Anonymous Barbara said...


Great friends, great idea!!!

Blessings - Barbara :D

6:44 AM  
Anonymous Barbara said...

p.s. Great poem!!


6:44 AM  

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