Tuesday, September 12, 2006

Shi Shi is here!

Our group made it to the 26th floor of the new Civil Affairs office and the babies were there waiting. I couldn't recognize a single baby from their referral picture (although later I started to see some resemblances). XiXi finally pointed out XinShi and she was mighty cute watching all the goings on. When they handed her to us, she was okay at first so we had some sweet moments getting to watch her, then she eventually started to cry harder and harder. She cried for quite awhile, but calmed down at some point on the bus. Her chest is rattling, her nose is running and her two bottom teeth are cutting through so this could be an interesting week! Back at the hotel, she got scared again and continued to cry (a lot!).

Not too long after we were back in our room she calmed down (she already her first dose of Tylenol) and we sat on the couch and played with the sweetest little girl. She liked looking at family pictures and the crinkly paper they were in. She can sit up just fine, but we haven't figured out how steady she it yet. Mary came in and we did our paperwork that allowed us to keep her overnight for a "harmony" period. Shi Shi was just the sweetest little thing and started cooing and enjoyed us cooing back. Jason tickled her check and that would make her smile a bit. She seemed all washed up and has a haircut.

Director Wu told us that she left her foster family just today so it wasn't too surprising that soon she was back to more crying and crying. She would take a look around the room, realize she didn't know where she was and cry again. It was quite pitiful. I doubt that we have the bottle sorted out correctly, but she did drink some. She seemed to do better with our Avent bottle than with the bottle they sent with her that has the bigger hole (probably because they put rice cereal in it.) It took a couple of hours before we got her calmed down and to sleep at exactly when they said her bedtime was (8 pm). I completely crashed just after that although I had wanted to call the kids before they went to school (but not while Xin Shi was screaming.)

Her arms and legs don't have a lot of meat on them, but she is still a good size. Her top layer is a Target brand outfit and is 9 months. She loved the Sassy links and likes to reach out and touch things. She even ate some of the fruit puffs already. I'm sure there is more to tell, but I better get back to sleep as it is the middle of the night!

(Larry -- we gave Director Wu the pictures and he didn't open them in front of us, but seemed appreciative. He is checking to see if we can visit the orphanage. Mary also remembers your family and daughter warmly!)


Anonymous Anonymous said...

How sweet! Your descriptions are awesome. I am crying tears of joy for you. Glad that you are figuring the bottle thing out. :)

Becky :)

2:49 PM  
Blogger kimb said...

She is adorable! The pictures are very cute. Very happy for y'all and can't wait to meet her!!!

4:36 PM  
Blogger larry and marianne said...

Lela, Jason, and ShiShi,

The pictures are great. Thanks for sharing them. Thanks for delivering our stuff to Mr. Wu. I appreciate it probably just as much as he does.

Sarah and I were talking yesterday on our "Gotcha Day" about the great food at the Gloria Hotel breakfast. I asked her what her favorite food was, and she said the donuts. Guess you can take the child out of Michigan....

Have a great time.


7:10 PM  
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