Tuesday, September 05, 2006

One week until Shi Shi Day!

Tuesday of next week is when we will have little Shi Shi in our arms! She will probably be screaming in our arms, but that is understandable. We plan to be getting her about 4:30 on Tuesday China time! Shi Shi is the nickname her foster family uses. Maybe by Tuesday we will have a Western name for her, but we are happy to call her Shi Shi until then (and after!). We are planning on an "L" name since her sister, mom and grandmothers have "L" names. Feel free to submit some ideas! With Jason in England, I'm not sure when we will get the chance to actually discuss names though.

I am frantically trying to pull the kids, house, packing and pets together. I have three days left to do more things than I care to think about. My throat is on fire still and the kids won't fall asleep at night and now I'm not sure if I have hotel rooms reserved in China!

Still breathing and trying to take things one at a time.


Anonymous Barbara said...

Hi Lela!

So happy the time is so close!! In the meantime, shrea, shrea! One thing at a time.

Did your agency make your hotel reservations?

Sore throat? Cepastat spray works wonders, but tastes like the old magazines in a dental office!

What L name does big sister have? Do the L names need to have just 4 letters? If so -
Names .... Lisa, Lori, Luci (Lucy), Lexi, Lida, Lynn, Lara, Lana, Leah, Lola, or Laci (Lacy) - and I just cannot think of any more! Pack the baby name book - or at least the L pages for girls!!

How long will you be in China?

Happy hugs! Barbara :D

1:57 PM  
Anonymous KD in Connecticut said...

Have been lurking on your page and when it comes to baby names I always love to chime in. My best friend from college is named Alycia. But I always called her Lycia (pronounced Lee-sha). I always thought it would make a cute first name.

I also took a brief gander through my family history that I have stored on my computer and here are some more L names.... Lulu, Louella, Lara, Lillias, Lena, Louisa, Lucille, Lavina, Lavinia, Luna, Leola, Lina, Lydia, Lilla, Loize, Lunella, Leona, Leah, Lottie, Lucinda, Loretta

Good luck with the name choosing. Whatever you choose will surely fit your angel.


7:12 PM  
Blogger henna's hearsay said...

Thanks for the names ideas! I am starting a big list to take on the plane with me. I love looking at names, but I'm not very good at finally picking one!

We have hotel rooms! Barbara -- I don't have your email address, you will have to send it to me :-)

7:54 PM  
Anonymous Barbara said...

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9:05 PM  

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