Thursday, September 07, 2006

New Understanding

I always wondered why people don't post so much right before their trip -- we are excited for them and they just leave you hanging! There really is just no time for fun stuff though. At the moment I am just typing and assume I am hitting the right keys, but I'm so tired I can hardly see. Of course this intense preparation is amplified for us a bit because we get to (not have to) leave in a week and Jason had to head off to England and there are three children, two dogs and a fish for me to prepare as well as our Hong Kong Honeymoon, an international trip and Shi Shi's adoption!

I have tons of room in my luggage, but it still seems to weigh more than the measly 44 pounds total you are allowed to have for in-country flights. Still, I'm excited to see that empty space I hope to fill with treasures these next two weeks! The only superfluous item I know I am lugging to China is the full-sized head and neck pillow for the plane. I've tried the puny blow-up ones and they just don't keep me comfy. I've come up with lots of potential uses for this ridiculously large thing so I am at peace with my desire to bring it. I'm not at peace with the pharmacy I am bringing along. I can't believe the number of medicines needed for two adults and a child. The medicine alone must weigh 20 pounds! I even tried to get the smallest version of things and take our half used kid medicine. We are ready for every sniffle, cough, infection, scabie, rash, tummy thing that might come along -- it is probably bad to wish a ton of ailments on us, but I hope we can use up some of these things!


Anonymous Barbara said...

(((hugs))) Lela!

I cannot imagine all you're trying to accomplish with Jason unable to help. More power to you!

No ideas come to mind about ways to reduce the weight of your luggage for the outbound trip except that maybe the cost for the extra weight will be worth it! Peace of mind and knowing you're prepared for the eventualities is worth a lot. When coming home, you could leave all you didn't need and someone would surely use whatever you left behind.

Hope it all comes together in time! You can sleep on the plane! :D

This is so exciting! Remember to pack the camera, batteries, and extra memory cards!

Happy hugs - Barbara :D

9:01 AM  
Blogger larry and marianne said...

Hi Lela,

Have a safe trip tomorrow. We will be thinking of you on your trip to Nanchang. We will be celebrating our first year with Grace on 9-11. It seems fitting that you receive your daughter one year later from the same agency and the same orphanage.

Thanks again for taking our package, and hope to hear from you soon.


6:41 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

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Anonymous Anonymous said...

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