Thursday, September 07, 2006


I couldn't leave tomorrow morning if it wasn't for my mother-in-law, who works grandma magic on my kids. They love their Gi from the bottom of their hearts and feel very safe with her. While searching for baby names, I came across a site that said "Gi" was a Korean name that meant "the brave one". I would certainly have to agree with that!

Good luck with the three kids, two dogs and fish -- we can't thank you enough!


Anonymous Barbara said...

Up, up, and away to follow the red thread to ShiShi!

Thanks Mother Wallis!! Good luck to you, too!

Prayers will be with all as you family spreads across the globe, some meet on the opposite side in China, and come back together in as new, improved, and expanded family of 6!!

Cheers, hugs, and Godspeed! Barbara :D

6:41 AM  
Anonymous Barbara said...

Hi Jason and Lela!

You're in HongKong now, and have 5 comments on that post, but the counter still show 0 comments for some reason. "We're here, we're here!" as the Whos in Whoville shouted (if you're up on your Suess!), and we care about you!

So happy for you and your growing family!!!

You meet ShiShi tomorrow (your time)!!!!!!!

Cheers and love - Barbara :D

10:59 AM  

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