Wednesday, August 16, 2006

Weighing In

In spite of those yummy cheeks and pumpkin-like picture, I doubted that Xinshi weighed the 13.6 pounds they said she did at almost 3 months of age. Wearing fifteen layers can add some around the waist. I don't think they would bother taking all those clothes off to weigh her. If it was cold, I am glad they didn't!

So, what a joy to get more information on the little girl whose information only went up to March 28th, 2006. This updated medical, taken in the weeks just after referral, say she weighs 14 pounds. That is about what my peanut Lindsay weighed at 6 months. She seems to be a smidge shorter and smaller than Lindsay (here I am already comparing children!), but their 6 month weights aren't too far off. At nine months, about when we will get Miss Pumpkin, Lindsay had only gained two pounds. So, I feel pretty good as I start shopping for clothes to take. I'll know what weights to consider! For Carter's, that would be their 6 month size.

Birth stats
3.2 k (7.04 pounds)
41 cm (16")
Head and chest 34 cm

March 25, 2006 stats (almost 3 months)
6.2 k (13.6 pounds) -- very dubious!
56.5 cm (22")
Head and chest 38 cm

Latest update (about 6.5 months)
6.4K (14 pounds)
65cm (25 in)
Head and chest 41 cm and 41.5
head 41cm

They also told us that her feet were 10 cm long and that she has no teeth - at this point I'm drooling over these details!


Anonymous Barbara said...

Following your family expansion notes is so special since we're in VA and cannot see you on retreat or when you visit back at LakeShore!

Hope all is moving forward so you'll have your new little daughter in your arms before the school year routine is set!

What will her Halloween costume be?!

Cheers and blessings - Barbara :D

10:36 PM  

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