Wednesday, August 30, 2006


Finally our TA arrived at Harrah's! I couldn't believe it for awhile, but now it is sinking in that we should be able to leave for China in two weeks. Hopefully this week will end with confirmed travel dates. I'm sure Gi would like to know when she needs to come take care of her grandchildren. Speaking of, it is going to be really hard being away from my kids for so long. At least I know they will be well loved and cared for while we are gone.


Anonymous Barbara said...

What Joy, Lela and Jason!!!!

How astonishing and wonderful that your journey to Xinshi will soon have tickets and wings to speed you to her! At last, the red thread will pull you eastward!!!!!!!

Sharing your delight! Hope you'll be able to keep up this blog from afar!

((((hugs))) and a joy-joy dance shall commense! Barbara :D

5:42 PM  

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