Tuesday, August 22, 2006

TA update

Well, I couldn't resist putting a ticker up for my TA countdown, but then all these agencies started getting TAs just two weeks after their acceptance letters were sent! I was preparing for 4 weeks, but hoping for three and now they are coming in at two weeks?? Crazy! Does this calm me down and make me feel any better? No. I still don't have the thing. As happy as I am for all these families, this part is a bit tough because the sooner you get TA then the sooner your agency can request a U.S. consulate appointment. I was once a nanny for an American Ambassador. Maybe it is time to call in a favor!

So, the race to our children is on between all these different agencies. Honestly, it is probably just on between all the different families and we can only hope our agencies are as anxious to get us the earliest appointment as we are.

We SOOOO need to travel before October because of holidays and trade fairs that can mucky with our travel plans.

At the moment the TA ticker says 17 days, but tomorrow I hope to get the TA and every day after that I may spiral into the adoption abyss.


Anonymous Barbara said...

Hi Lela and Jason!

I say call in any favors you can - who knows - that might be an essential part of the red thread connection?!

Hoping the TA arrives tomorrow, too! From your lips to God's ear!!

Shrea, shrea...

Happy (((hugs))) Barbara :D

4:36 PM  
Anonymous Nick said...


I know from recent experience that this part of the wait is the toughest! Sounds like you are almost there. Before you know it, you will have your bags completely packed on your bedroom floor and you will be watching the last week before you travel fly by at lightning speed! Hang in there.

2:41 PM  

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