Tuesday, August 08, 2006

Right back at you!

So, now our agency has sent our acceptance letters BACK to China! This is super exciting!!! There are 10 families in our group and we will be traveling together. We had to all sign a form to accept our babies and they send them back as a group so we can start yet ANOTHER wait! I'm not sure what they are doing with these acceptances in China, but somehow it takes about 4 weeks for them to send our agency our travel approval. We have to have travel approval from China before the US consulate will let us schedule a consulate appointment. Once that is all sorted out, we will get the go ahead to get plane tickets and our travel dates!

I'll list this our for all the newbies to China adoption.
1) sign acceptance letter and send back to agency (easy -- have you seen this sweet girl??)
2) agency waits for everyone's acceptance then sends them to China
3) China eventually sends our agency our travel approval
4) our agency calls the US consulate in Guangzhou and gets us a consulate appointment
5) once we have that appointment, we will get our travel dates and buy plane tickets!


Anonymous Barbara said...

Cheers, Lela and Jason!!!!!!!!

It's another step in the right direction!! Remember Sharlande's friend Nancy and "shrea, shrea", meaning one thing at a time?! Remember that answer to how to get through a report on birds? One bird at a time!

Here's to hoping that "eventually" is a really short time span!

Blessings and hugs - Barbara :D

5:28 PM  

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