Thursday, August 31, 2006

OH MY! Travel Dates!

What an unbelievable turn of events today! I started the day hearing about people who couldn't get consulate appointments the last week in September, which was when our agency requested them. Because of the time difference, I knew I would be wandering in the unknown all day and if we didn't hear tonight, possibly all weekend (and then some because the US consulate honors Labor Day!) I was trying to wrap my head around October travel and all the what-ifs (there are holidays and trade fairs that muck up adoption travel.) My throat hurts so much I can barely swallow or see straight, Jason is heading off to England and worst of all, these were the last days that I spent with my mom a year ago before she passed away. All in all, a very tough day. I wish I was more graceful at waiting, but I seem to be riding through life on a dirt bike instead of relaxing in the back of a limousine.

Then tonight the call came...Harrah's was hard at work trying to figure out how to get us to China before October and they have! We leave in a week! 7 days!! We will have that sweet baby girl in our arms the afternoon of September 12! On my birthday, September 22nd, we will be at the US consulate swearing in ceremony and we can come home the next day. Did I mention leaving in 7 days?

I think I'll keep driving the dirt bike a few more days. Hopefully the loooong plane ride will give us some time to finally calm down and reflect on the changes about to happen to our family. My heart goes out to my daughter-to-be who is now spending her last days in her homeland. As excited as we are about her joining our family, a bit of me always remembers how much she lost in order to become a cherished family member. We are truly embarking on an incredible journey.


Anonymous the cady chase said...

Oh, how exciting for you!! Can't wait to watch your Gotcha!

7:09 PM  
Anonymous Barbara said...

Oh, LELA and JASON!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

How marvelous, exciting, thrilling, awesome, and perfect! Hope you can find the packing list you certainly made long ago, too! Whhoopppeeee!!
So happy for all of you!!! Soon the table will have all 6 of you around it!!

One special hug for you, Lela, as my mother died 2 years ago today. Blessings, dear heart!

Grace, peace, and joy! Barbara :D

2:33 PM  

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