Friday, August 04, 2006

How About You?

From reading many, many stories of referral day during our long wait, I know that parents have different reactions to receiving their child's information and photos. Days before we got her information, when we assumed that referrals were coming but weren't sure, and even minutes before we finally got the call (mine from our superb dossier consultant), I felt like that moment would never come. Of course, it finally did!

I feel SO much better knowing about our next daughter. Being able to daydream about the actual child has been a huge relief. Knowing her age, her whereabouts and her Chinese name should be able to sustain and strengthen my adoption nerves for awhile. The wait for families right now is downright painful! It is gut-wrenching and while you wait, you feel like you are in the trenches! I'm so thankful that it is now like a whiteboard wiped clean - tabula rasa! A whole new journey is beginning for our family.

Today we got Xinshi's translated referral and one paragraph keeps me buoyant!

"Shi Shi is a pretty little sweetie. She has a head of thick, black hear and a radiant smile. When she smiles, it's such a sweet, cheerful sight. To summarize, Shi Shi is a lovable little girl."

I loved her the minute they told me I had a daughter! I recognized her face an hour later when her first photo materialized on our computer. It really felt like this is the child our family had been waiting for. Lindsay couldn't wait long before she wanted her little sister's pictures printed, framed and hung in her room. She wanted it low enough so she could see it (and I keep catching her kissing it!)

I was prepared for a lot of different emotions, but this has really been beyond my wildest expectations. Imagine, we don't even has this child in our arms! I'm guessing the best is still yet to come for our family. Of course, with adoption, I can't help but think of her birth mother and foster family this week, too. This little "sweetie" will be loved in many ways, many languages and for many years.


Blogger Tamara said...

I'm so glad to hear the there is relief after the wait! You are right- the wait is gutwrenching! Your baby is beautiful.

2:46 PM  
Blogger Janet said...

That baby is soooo cute! Congratulations! And I think I'll take a picture of our Fed Ex delivery person too! (poor people! :-) )

Janet T.

5:27 PM  

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