Thursday, June 22, 2006


Okay, so I held out hope until the end that maybe we would sneak in this last batch but it just didn't happen. HOWEVER, WE ARE NEXT! Everyone will be hearing this over and over for the next 30 days (or so).

As the table shows, from February to May (and now June) the average days between the CCAA referrals is about 30 days. So, hopefully we will hear about our daughter by July 26th!

This will be a long month for me, but I have made sure the kids and I stay plenty busy. Beach trip, Fourth of July, Jonathan's sports camps, Lindsay's gymnastics and Colorado is in the works (unfortunately without Jason). I'll be so happy to not have the computer attached to my fingertips that I just have to get to the cabin in Colorado! Goodness! I have a lot to do the next 33days! Then, I'll be busy packing and planning for our September travel!


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