Wednesday, June 09, 2004

Bedtime conversations

Bedtime seems to be the time for deep questions from my five-year-old.
Does God bounce
If God lives in me, who built the house?
Mommy, I feel God in my heart, do you?
Next night -- I feel God just a little
I can't even remember many of the details of our circular conversations about death and heaven. I just know that every time the conversation comes up I have to try and make sure the evening does not end in tears because I have accidentally reminded him that mommies and daddies die, too.
Someone at school has been talking about Jesus because he knows that he ate dinner with friends and was in a cave with a great big rock. How he was dead person and left the cave when no other dead people get to do the same is a complicated conversation to have though.

Meanwhile, three-year-old Lindsay just wants to be "neck-ed" and never learn to use the bathroom. She is a "little girl" or "big girl" based on how she would like to act or be treated at any given time. Boo-boos are big time and she was so distressed when she saw the cut on her finger and decided she was, "Breaking!!" She refuses to talk to the teachers at VBS and Sunday School because, "I do not know them." Said in a deadpan voice as she stares up at me through her blonde bangs. Life would be grand if she could stay in Ms. Teresa's Two's class for the rest of her life. She has no need of new teachers in her life.


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